Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last day in Reykjavik

The lava tube entrance which was a tight fit to say the least.  It required that we took our packs off and passed them down to the first person into the opening.  Then we needed to drop through, feet first, to a ledge and then shimmy down through another hole about 3 feet lower down this one. 
 As I intended from my last post, I wanted to send along some more pictures of my trip into the lava tubes.  The opening was the biggest hurdle to get into the tubes since it required that you shimmy through a hole (that was cleared away - said the guide).  The opening shaft was about 10 feet long, requiring one to reposition themselves half way into it in order to slide all of the way through.  The pictures show the start and finish of this opening. 

This is the other end of that trip through the opening hole.
 Iceland is covered in moss since it likes to grow on this hostile terrain.  Moss seems to grow everywhere and it is doing a better job of growing than most other vegetation here.  Imagine the most plush carpet and thicken it by about 5xs and you will get the feel of walking on this moss.  It makes the hardest of rocks feel soft underfoot.  And it rebounds quite well with light traffic on it (which is what we put it through on our walk down & back to the lava tube). 

The moss was very thick leading down to the lava tube entrance.  We needed to walk across a field of it to get there.  I was hoping this picture would capture the sponginess of the moss. 
After a morning and early afternoon spent with the trip to the lava tubes, I went back to Extreme Iceland to say goodbye and thank you for help with my trip itinerary.  Next, I dropped by my hotel room to get cleaned up and headed to Reykjavik for the last time for dinner, shopping and sightseeing. 

The next morning, (July 3rd), I head out first thing in the morning to fly directly from Keflavik (airport about 45 mins to the west of Reykjavik) to Boston.  From Boston it is a 3.5 hour car trip back home to Vermont where Sarah & the kids are anxiously awaiting my return.

This ship is sailing - my last night in Reykjavik at the Viking ship sculpture along the water front. 
The other side of the camera view would be downtown Reykjavik.

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